Investigations Israel


While there are many secrets in the world of private investigations, it is not a secret that Israel is the world leader in intelligence gathering.

E.M.T. Investigations has been one of Israel's leading investigative services since 1989. Whether you need inside information for your business or need to find a lost friend, relative or debtor, E.M.T. Investigations offers quality discreet services at reasonable prices.

E.M.T. offers services to businesses, individuals, law enforcement organizations, attorneys, insurance adjusters, investigative reporters and private investigators from around the world. For any situation involving investigative or intelligence work in Israel, E.M.T. is well qualified to provide clients with maximum results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our network of contacts around the globe also enables us to serve our international clientele.

With his background as an officer in Special Operations for the Israel Army, E.M.T. president Eitan Newman leads a staff of highly experienced detectives and investigators, each with his/ her own specialties that are utilized for any client's particular needs.

E.M.T. uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment to assist in cases of surveillance, security, and information gathering.

Please follow the link to our new website www.emt.co.il to review more about our services and capabilities.