Investigations Israel


Our Services

E.M.T. Investigations is operating in all spheres of investigations and information gathering, both in Israel and abroad.

The activities of E.M.T. Investigations include the following areas:
  • Business Information & Trade Investigations
  • Business and Corporate Intelligence
  • Due Diligence
  • Location of Debtors and Property
  • Missing Persons and People Search
  • Investigation of Means
  • Surveillances and Observation
  • Employee Screening
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Bug Detection and Prevention
  • Theft and Forgery Investigations
  • Electronic Surveillance (Audio and Video)
  • Investigation of Repayment Capability of Borrowers
  • Financial Reporting
  • Record Searches
  • Insurance Fraud Investigation
  • Asset Tracing
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Address Verification
  • Domestic Investigations
  • General Information Services
  • Process Serving
  • Hague treaty Services

We accept all major credit cards: